This June, the Jesus 101 Biblical Institute celebrates 10 years of ministry work. Founded and led by Dr. Elizabeth Viera Talbot, this media ministry was created for the purpose of helping people find Jesus in all the Scriptures, from Genesis to Revelation. Upon celebrating this milestone, Dr. Talbot stated, “We have come this far by God’s grace and His grace will lead us HOME!” Jesus 101 has produced many resources that teach about Jesus’ love for us. These resources have been developed in both English and Spanish and include study guides, books, video programs, audio devotionals, and many more. Jesus 101 has worked to create resources to reach those seeking to know the real Jesus of the gospel. Some of the ministry outreach efforts include prison ministries, hospital outreach, and evangelistic partnerships with local churches and conferences to provide biblical study resources. Please join Jesus 101 in celebrating this milestone in ministry work.