“The Battle is the Lord’s” is a New TV Series by Jesus 101

“The Battle is the Lord’s” is a New TV Series by Jesus 101

Are you facing impossible situations in your life? Are you needing reassurance? We invite you to join Elizabeth Talbot and special guest Massiel Davila-Ferrer for our new video series, “The Battle is the Lord’s.” This series will take you through twelve different battles in the Bible that remind us that God fights on our behalf.  He fought for our salvation and overcame in our place. In the same way, He also fights our daily battles. We can rest in this assurance! You can find this series airing on Hope Channel, or find new episodes each week on our Jesus 101 YouTube channel and Jesus101.tv. To watch the first episode, click this link: jesus101.tv/watch
Get a Weekly Dose of Encouragement

Get a Weekly Dose of Encouragement

Now you can find all of Jesus 101 Grace Thoughts devotionals in one place! Grace Thoughts is a short weekly devotional meant to give you a bit of encouragement throughout your week. You will find links for each devotional listed here for your convenience. We hope you enjoy these short weekly messages of hope and always remember that Jesus wins! If you’d like to subscribe to receive our weekly email devotionals, you can do so using the form below.

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Exciting New Five-Part Evangelistic Series

Jesus 101 has just launched an exciting new five-part evangelistic series, hosted by Dr. Elizabeth Talbot and special guest, Roy Ice, Speaker-Director of Faith For Today. This free video series teaches about God’s Indestructible Love for us from Genesis to Revelation and is designed for churches, small groups, and/or individual study. This multi-media, interactive, plug-and-play five-part series discusses God’s Redemption plan from the perspective of God as a loving Father who lost His children and is willing to do whatever is needed, even die in their place in order to get them back. Each 30 minute session contains three questions for discussion, where the host can pause the video for participants to interact in small groups. Small group facilitators should be selected beforehand.

On the www.IndestructibleLove.org page you will find several introductory videos, including instructions for group facilitators. Additionally, under the “Resources” section you will find a downloadable “appeal cards” pdf, as well as a link to the Indestructible Love Signs of the Times special issue that contains the five lessons of Indestructible Love for participants to follow the sessions and take home. In order to receive the link to access these five sessions, complete the registration form at the bottom of the page (on the Indestructible Love website). Thank you so much for joining us in this exciting journey to understand more about God’s Indestructible Love!

For more information, visit: www.IndestructibleLove.org

Sermon Preparation Resources

Sermon Preparation Resources

After many requests for a class on preparing a biblical topic for preaching, Elizabeth Talbot has designed three free downloadable resources on Christ-centered biblical preaching. These tools will aid you in the preparation and proclamation of the good news! Whether you are a pastor, lay leader or simply someone who is looking to share the gospel in a Christ-centered biblical way, we believe these tools will help you prepare to reach everyone with the proclamation of the good news of Jesus!

If you need further explanation for these topics, feel free to reach out directly to Elizabeth Talbot at [email protected]

Handout #1: Biblical Text Study (Click here to download)

Handout #2: Narrative-Social Analysis (Click here to download)

Handout #3: Proclamation (Click here to download)

Jesus 101 releases a new TV series entitled “The Exodus Journey”

Jesus 101 releases a new TV series entitled “The Exodus Journey”

We are thrilled to announce the official release of our new TV series entitled “The Exodus Journey” hosted by Elizabeth Talbot with special guest Ty Gibson! The twelve-part series will be airing on Hope Channel beginning April 2021. This series, based on the book of Exodus, is about learning to choose trust over anxiety on our way to the Promised Land. We will be releasing a new episode each week for the next 12 weeks so make sure to check back here often! To watch the first full episode, click this link: jesus101.tv/watch/
Elizabeth Talbot will be joining Roy Ice from Faith for Today for an all-new season of The Bible Lab!

Elizabeth Talbot will be joining Roy Ice from Faith for Today for an all-new season of The Bible Lab!

Jesus 101 is excited to be joining Faith For Today on an all-new season of The Bible Lab! Roy Ice and Elizabeth Talbot will begin new research within the gospel of Luke titled “The Least, Last and Lost.” Get ready to discover the loving characteristics of God in the way the Bible actually presents them. These programs will be streaming live beginning March 27, 10:30 a.m.–11:30 a.m. (PST) You will be able to interact with the hosts as you watch live. You won’t want to miss it! For more information and to stream this event, you can visit TheBibleLab.com.

Introducing “The Exodus Journey,” a brand new book from author Elizabeth Talbot

Introducing “The Exodus Journey,” a brand new book from author Elizabeth Talbot

Jesus 101 has released The Exodus Journey book by Dr. Elizabeth Talbot, published by Pacific Press. The Exodus Journey is about choosing trust over anxiety, and dives into Israel’s journey to the Promised Land, inviting readers to consider their own daily walk towards the heavenly Canaan, trusting God to be the Redeemer, Sustainer, Provider and Guide. The Exodus Journey also happens to be the 2021 Women’s Missionary Book of the Year, so this would be a wonderful resource to add to your women’s group! And it is a great resource for anyone, man or woman, who wants to trust God with their journey to the heavenly Promised Land! Click here for a video introduction to the book by the author. To get your copy, visit our store!

Streaming Jesus 101 is Easy!

Streaming Jesus 101 is Easy!

Jesus 101 is happy to provide free videos and podcasts for you to stream on our website any time, on demand, and for many this is the most convenient way to enjoy our programs. With just a click of a button, you can watch all of our TV series like “After God’s Heart”, “Chosen”, “Radical Discipleship” and more! In addition, we have other ways for you to enjoy Jesus 101, so here’s a list of venues where you can tune in at your convenience!

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Jesus 101 Responds to COVID-19

Jesus 101 Responds to COVID-19

On behalf of the Jesus 101 team, we want to say that we are here for you through this COVID-19 crisis. We understand that this pandemic is something unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before. Yet we believe that God’s promise of His Presence with us remains true! Our team has put together a playlist of podcasts entitled, “FEAR NOT!” to encourage and remind us that God promises His help in times of crisis. (Click here to download.) In addition, if you or a loved one have been affected by coronavirus, we would encourage you to write in a prayer request. Our team is here to pray for you.